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Find a Place to Live

Sometimes a one-mile difference in address can mean a 30-minute difference in commute.

Our local experts already live in the city you're moving to... they sweat the small stuff so you can focus on living your life!

We help over 30,000 people every year relocate to cities around the world, saving them – on average – more than 55% of the time that people normally spend on seeking apartments.

Finding you the right place at the right price in the right neighborhood… it’s what we do.

RentAssist - Plans & Pricing


Perfect for Do-It-Yourselfers!

We know you're already a research ninja - that's why RentCoach is designed to cover the gaps you can't fill by searching online.

Add our expertise to your expertise, and speed up your search today!

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You + Your Life

When it's more than just you and your stuff, having an on-the-ground expert in your corner makes all the difference in the world.

Best night life? Check. Best walkability? Check. Dog walker? Check. Guided area tour? Sure, if you want one. We've got you covered.

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RentAssist +

Great for families!

Our in-city experts specialize in finding families the best schools and neighborhoods, no matter what your needs.

This plan includes the extra time you need to ensure everone in your family is set up for success.

Dwellworks - Product Feature Icon Average Time 9 Hours Learn More

All plans include one-to-one personal help from a live, in-city consultant, plus online tools.

We take the time to really get to know you, assess your rental, assist in home search, schedule property viewings for you and more.