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Rent Scout

Fast Options in Select Cities

Moving to a major metro? Dreaming of that awesome apartment? We can make it a reality through our exclusive collection of 1- and 2-bedroom options in select cities across the country. 

  • Receive guidance from a Local Expert
  • Gain access to our collection of apartments & co-living spaces in select metro areas
  • Get the best rates & benefits available
  • Take advantage of up to $250 of pre-negotiated savings through select properties (where offered)

How it works

  • 1. You'll receive access

    Dwellworks Relocation Services Information about you
    We'll provide you with a list of 1- and 2-bedroom apartments in your new city
  • 2. Your property search begins

    Dwellworks Relocation Services Suggested Properties
    Review, comment, and select – our online platform makes it easy
  • 3. You choose a property and we confirm details

    Dwellworks Relocation Services Help Find a Place to Rent
    A Local Expert confirms benefits like waived application fees, reduced security deposits, even rent concessions. WELCOME HOME
Dwellworks Relocation Services Product City

Moving to a new city can be tricky especially with a new job in mind

Big City Moves Made Simple

Tons of people, tons of options – the things that make moving to a big city great also make it more competitive and overwhelming. We know where to look and how to find the best places.

Network of Properties

We have already have a list of premium properties ready for you to choose from. Plus, we have relationships with property managers and landlords, so you can feel confident in your choice.

Pre-Negotiated Perks

In many cases, our pre-selected properties come with pre-negotiated benefits that range from parking spots to reduced security deposits.

Other home-finding products

Dwellworks Relocation Services Rent Scout Plus

Rent Scout Plus

Some markets and some needs are a little more specific and require a bit more time and effort. No problem… wherever you are moving, we can help find you a place to call home. 

Dwellworks Relocation Services Rent Scout Pro

Rent Scout Pro

Perfect for busy people who need to make the most of their time. If you’re planning on previewing the area, we can schedule property visits and speak with property managers before you arrive. We can even give you a guided tour of different neighborhoods. Your time. Your way. 

Dwellworks Relocation Services Find a place Rent scout premium

Rent Scout Premium

You know just what you want… we know just how to find it.  Our Premium package provides you with nine total hours of help … virtual or in-person or a combination of both, from a Local Expert who can help match you with properties that meet a variety of special considerations, including best options for pets, schools, places of worship, architectural preferences and more.