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International Destination Guides

Make Your Move with Confidence

Moving to a new country is exciting, but can also be a little scary if you don’t know what to expect. Having the right information can help you. The Destination Guide provides everything the “do-it-yourself-mover” needs to know, from neighborhoods to local laws to housing options, all researched, updated and fact-checked by our local experts. 

  • Available 24/7 on mobile, tablet and desktop - access any time and as often as you like
  • Comprehensive introduction to ‘daily life’ including housing, culture, government regulations, commutes and transportation, and schools
  • Excellent preparation and resource so you can manage your own rental search and settling-in success

How it works

  • 1. Dwellworks will contact you promptly

    Dwellworks Relocation Services Contact You
    You’ll receive a login and password to your customized-to-country online destination guide.
  • 2. You’ll become confident in your new surroundings

    confident in your new surroundings
    An online resource provides you detailed housing, local driving regulations, laws, customs and more organized in as easy to use platform.
Dwellworks Relocation Services Get Settled

Be ready to hit the ground running

In-depth information

Learn all about your new destination and what you’ll need to know and do before, when, and after you arrive.

Focus on the right things

Save time and build confidence by preparing yourself on what to expect in your new country, with detailed resources for housing, schools, local laws and more.

Reduce stress

Our organized & easy-to-navigate content sections quickly remove the fear of the unknown, with detailed information and links to helpful resources within your destination country.

Other ways we can help

Dwellworks Relocation Services Culture Cloud


Perfect for people who want to learn the nuances of a new culture at their own pace. Our intuitive, online program helps you understand how your own cultural style fits with other cultures around the globe. Our in-depth course modules guide you through everything you need to know from office etiquette to local customs.  You’ll arrive ready to live – and work – like a local.

Dwellworks Relocation Services Culture Cloud Executive

CultureCloud® Executive

Working with new co-workers or leading a team is challenging enough.  Doing it in a new country without understanding the cultural nuances can further complicate things.  This package gives you one-on-one time online with a personal, Intercultural Trainer who will coach you to avoid potential pitfalls and forge positive relationships moving forward.