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Dwellworks Relocation Services Culture Cloud


Learn How to Thrive Before You Arrive

Perfect for people who want to learn the nuances of a new culture at their own pace. Our intuitive, online program helps you understand how your own cultural style fits with other cultures around the globe. Our in-depth course modules guide you through everything you need to know from office etiquette to local customs.  You’ll arrive ready to live – and work – like a local.

  • Learn your own cultural style with our Culture Compass self-assessment tool
  • Compare and understand the difference between your cultural style and those of more than 100 countries around the world
  • Use effective strategies and tactics for adapting successfully to working and living in the destination culture

How it works

  • 1. You’ll receive an introductory email from Dwellworks

    Dwellworks Relocation Services Contact You
    You’ll learn about the service, what to do, and instructions on how to access our Culture Cloud Platform.
  • 2. You’ll take the Culture Compass Assessment

    Dwellworks Relocation Services Self Assessment
    Take the results of your assessment and compare it against your chosen country in the Culture Cloud suite, where you’ll be provided with overviews, guides, information on daily life and best practices.
  • 3. You’ll be ready to learn at your own pace

    Dwellworks Relocation Services Learn at your own pace
    Specific cultural profiles on more than 100 countries in our intercultural training library lets you dive in as deeply as you’d like, 24 hours a day.
Learn about a new culture city scape

Your culture skills will help you thrive in your new position.

Be ready to go

We’ll help you lay the groundwork with strategies and tactics that will immediately improve your work and life in your new country.

Learn local customs

Knowing local norms and practices will help meet people and foster positive relationships.

Know where you fit

Our self-assessment helps you find your style and compare it to the culture of your new country so you can adjust as needed.

Other ways we can help

Dwellworks Relocation Services Culture Cloud Executive

CultureCloud® Executive

Working with new co-workers or leading a team is challenging enough.  Doing it in a new country without understanding the cultural nuances can further complicate things.  This package gives you one-on-one time online with a personal, Intercultural Trainer who will coach you to avoid potential pitfalls and forge positive relationships moving forward.