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Make Your New Country Your New Home With Dwellworks Direct

International assignments can be extremely difficult when you don't fully understand the cultural norms of your new home country. They can also be more stressful without being properly prepared for all the necessary to-do items of the move. Dwellworks Direct helps to remove the confusion and anxiety with our Cultural Guidance and Settling-In services.

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Adjust to your new location quickly and smoothly

Dwellworks Relocation Services Culture Cloud


Perfect for people who want to learn the nuances of a new culture at their own pace. Our intuitive, online program helps you understand how your own cultural style fits with other cultures around the globe. Our in-depth course modules guide you through everything you need to know from office etiquette to local customs.  You’ll arrive ready to live – and work – like a local.

Dwellworks Relocation Services Culture Cloud Executive

CultureCloud® Executive

Working with new co-workers or leading a team is challenging enough.  Doing it in a new country without understanding the cultural nuances can further complicate things.  This package gives you one-on-one time online with a personal, Intercultural Trainer who will coach you to avoid potential pitfalls and forge positive relationships moving forward.

Dwellworks Relocation Services Get Settled Abroad Icon

Get Settled

Moving into a new place is just the start of your journey home. Even after that last box is unpacked, there are still a lot of things to do. Our local experts can help you with the nitty-gritty details of getting started in your new city and/or country. With half and full day service options, you can have as much help as you want to make sure your to-do list gets done!