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How Rent Scout by Dwellworks Direct Can Help You Find a Place to Live

You can get just about all the information you need on the internet, but when it comes to how you find a place to live, the answers aren't always clear. Everyone has an opinion on what area is the best and what buildings you can trust, but they also say to take reviews and comments with a grain of salt. So, if the internet isn't entirely reliable, how can you get the help you need with your move?

Let Rent Scout Help You Find A Place to Live

Several years ago, Dwellworks recognized that the average US renter's approach to finding a place to live had shifted. We know you want something flexible (you're busy!) to help you find an apartment, and it needs to be simple, fast, and easy. That's why we created Rent Scout.

We built Rent Scout five years ago, and in that time we've listened to feedback to fine-tune the product that's well-loved by people moving all over the country.

Why should you use Rent Scout? Here's the thing. We know that you find information on apartments in the area you want on the internet, but as we mentioned before, it's hard to know what you can trust. That's where a local expert comes in. Search engines change the way they assess needs almost every day, but they can't retain and respond to your specific needs and preferences for housing the way a real person can. We'll not only help you with your search, we can also help you do it faster and give you the advice you can't get anywhere else.

Looking for a neighborhood that fits your budget and your lifestyle? You'll get hundreds of lists that you can spend time sifting through, or you can ask your personal guide and get a response in minutes. Need guidance on what properties are available online? We can give you options for a one-bedroom with big windows and an in-unit washer/dryer — or whatever you're looking for — without you having to lift a finger.

With Rent Scout, you get a local lifeline who lives and works in the city you want to live in. They'll be there to answer your questions, provide expert advice, assistance in your rental search, help you get to know your new area, avoid scams, help with utilities, and more. We'll even take you to the DMV if you need a new driver's license. (Did we just remind you to do that? That's why we're here!)

And if all that seems like more than you need, we can just help you find the right place to live too. We have relationships with properties all over the country so we can find the perfect apartment and possibly even swing a deal your way too.

We built Rent Scout to help you find a place to live and get settled quickly. With our community of local experts on the ground in the places you want to move to, you won't have to go through the rental process alone. You can even customize how much time you spend with us, too. Whether you need a lot of help or just a little, you can count on us to guide you through finding an apartment quickly and easily.

Find a Place to Live With Rent Scout

There are different levels of Rent Scout to fit what you feel is best for you:

  • Rent Scout – For when you just need to find somewhere to live. You'll get three hours of guidance from a local expert, and access to our metro collection of properties. (Our partnerships can help you save up to $250!)
  • Rent Scout Plus – For when you're moving to a rental market that's a little more nuanced (AKA it's confusing and you need help.) You'll get everything included in Rent Scout, plus an expanded property search.
  • Rent Scout Pro – For when you have no idea what you're doing. (It's okay! That's why we're here) You'll get five hours of help from a local expert, everything in Rent Scout Plus, along with help scheduling property tours and video or live-stream walkthroughs of the ones you like if you can't be there.
  • Rent Scout Premium – For when you want to customize our services exactly to your needs. You'll get nine hours of help from a local expert, everything in Rent Scout Pro, as well as time for accompanied tours of the properties you're interested in.

Let Us Help You Save Time on Your Rental Search

We've helped thousands of people relocating for work or just looking for help moving get where they want to be faster. We understand the challenges of moving better than anyone else, and our local experts are here to help you overcome them. Let our experts help you get where you're going. Check out our Rent Scout products today, and if you have any questions, ask us! Hit us up in our chat, give us a call, or reach out on our Contact Us page. Help is just a few clicks away.